Pinnacle Property Preservation, LLC

"We Cater To The Particular"

About Us

Thank you for visiting us at Pinnacle Property Preservation . . . affectionately and locally know as P-Cubed.  We are a boutique “shop” prepared to “cater to the particular” concerning all areas of property preservation, also known as field services.

Our firm was created to provide efficient and expert solutions and services to banks, lenders, REO affiliates, brokers, Realtors, landlords, absentee owners, property owners, title companies, and home builders to effect asset preservation.

P-Cubed specializes in the preservation of REO bank-owned and foreclosures and abandoned property by offering a variety of services.  We offer prompt and competitive pricing.  We ensure that all work will be completed in accordance with our customers’ satisfaction while maintaining positive relationships and providing service on a more personal level.  We have efficient turnaround times including 24-hour occupancy verifications and rekeying.  We will make every effort to service all orders within three (3) days of receiving your service order.  Turning these properties efficiently and in a high-quality fashion will help our clients recover their maximum return on their investments or collateral.  We will photo-document the work we do and will use the most cost-effective procedures to minimize extra expenses to our clients.

Our experience and expertise we bring to you includes 25-plus years of investment-property ownership, investment-property management (commercial and residential), tenant-improvement and tenant-finish work, residential and commercial remodels, storage facility ownership and management all combined to understand your needs and requirements.

We are an independent woman-owned small business who work feel that maintaining a solid working relationship through reliability, communication, and trust is paramount to your satisfaction as our valued client.  We have your interests in mind as we endeavor to keep you happy while protecting your interests.  Our entire team is committed to meeting your needs.


  • Locally and woman-owned
  • Precise attention to detail
  • Accessible management
  • Impeccable service
  • Commitment to valuable, timely, and continued Communication
  • Improved ability to service loans and care for your properties
  • High quality, customized services
  • Accurate information & reporting
  • Exceptional performance standards & compliance
  • Reduced cycle time
  • Enhanced protection of your assets
  • Unparalleled dedication to customer service